Some sort of art challenge!

I was challenged by George O’Connor to post some art everyday for 5 days. I can do that with my eyes closed. In fact, the way I draw, people often ask me if I had my eyes closed! (Insert rim shot sound) Today’s art: Something I’m working on. Some tired scary people home after a long night’s work: Troll witch

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Thrilling Thursday (Or Throw Back Thursday)

I’ll give into the TBT craze for one week so I can show off my failed Halloween (safety tip) Children’s book pitch from Last week. Remember way back last week? It was Halloween! As you can see below, my book was going to be called: halloween after

Hilarious, right?! I was either going to call it that or “Look Witch way?” or “Being safe is all about the my ‘NEWT’ details” or “Always Ask Mummy For Help” or “Simply place the Furniture Over the Blood Stains On the Rug.” Oh well. back to the cutting board.

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Thrilling CMYK Thursday (With an Elf!)

elf and cat

Usually I post something here on Thursday. ANYTHING as long as people look at it and drive up traffic on my web site so that I can get high paying advertisements and pay myself to constantly post notices about how I don’t play Candy Crush. Being that it’s summer and my heat rash is slowing down my work, I’ll just say that I’ll be taking the next month off as far as posting art goes. This frees up a lot of time for scratching and picking at my heat rash. So much time… Before I take a break though, here is proof that I’m almost done with my next book, as we are now doing the ever important CMYK tests! These test are delicate and hard to explain to you non-artist types. So just focus on the cute little elf. Yes, what would a children’s book be without an elf! Again, I’ve said too much!

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Thrilling Thursday: Pie, Coffee and Nathan

Worked with visiting artist Nathan Schreiber while we enjoyed pie and coffee at Four &Twenty Blackbirds yesterday. He worked on a book involving science, as he’s smart that way, and I worked on doodles involving monsters for what could be my next project because I’m silly that way. Then we ended up talked about how time didn’t exist before gravity existed and blew each others minds. I wish I’d taken a picture of that moment with my phone as people seem to do in this amazing future we live in, but we were caught up in the moment. Rather than a photo of that though, here’s a small bit of what I was working 1

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