Friday in Brooklyn

 I hate ice coffee. I love coffee, but ice coffee is just a chore. Kind of like medication that you need to take. Yesterday it reached 90 degrees in Brooklyn so…it’s ice coffee season. It also means that soon people will be outside enjoying summer. As they should. So I’ll squeeze in one more promo concerning my self publishing empire! If you haven’t yet signed up to get the first issue of Rabbit Who Fights, you can do so HERE.  See a sample page below:

Is it political? Is it a super hero type book? I’ll be honest, it’s evolving as I work on it. Issue two has a completely different type of story related to the above characters.

The first week in June will also see part three of Red Ryder and the Big Bad Woods. A bit of which you can see below!

Is that not the most EXCITING dialogue you have ever heard?

In conclusion, ice coffee bad, check out my Patreon- comic publishing empire if you get a moment.



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The Friday Before Halloween

Half of you will need to look up who Jack Chick is and why he’s in the news in order to “get” my Joke. If it is indeed a “joke” or “funny.”  Either way, Happy Halloween!


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Big Read and Twin Peaks (Not an April Fools)

Why? Read the amazing post below and find out. Or don’t.motocycle2

This week I travelled to Independence Missouri for a Big Read event.  I’ve done many of these over the years since adapting Fahrenheit 451 into a graphic novel. The Big Read creates events around well known books for schools and libraries, thus if they choose to do events around Fahrenheit, I am often invited to be a part of it. I had a great time talking to students at the Kansas City Art Institute, and the local libraries. If you live in Independence, check out my original art work on display at several library locations. Yes, I forget which ones. Check local listings.

These events are mostly uneventful, and this trip was no different other than my hotel being right next to a restaurant called Twin Peaks. The first day there I wandered over to this “Twin Peaks” to grab lunch as something in my head told me there was something in my head about Twin Peaks I should remember. Not something to remember about David Lynch or Log ladies, but something else. As I got closer, I did notice that the windows were tinted and I could not see who or what was inside. Also the front door was plastered with pictures of women in bikinis or wet t-shirts. Then I heard the roar of a motorcycle and saw that the parking lot on the other side of the building was occupied by a biker gang. As in Harley’s and guys dressed in leather jackets with patches. Then I remembered why I knew the name Twin Peaks. Last year at a Texas Twin Peaks location, there was a motorcycle gang shoot out of some sort. Twin Peaks is basically a Hooters for bikers. Thus, I pretended not to like what was on the menu in the window (there was no menu in the window) and continued walking to the Mexican restaurant conveniently located 5 miles away.

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Art Crawl Challenge Day Three! Or, you don’t really need to see this…

Challenged to show three bits of scribbling I did at some point in my life everyday for five days, I came across something I forgot. Way back when the 2008 election (seems like yesterday, eh?) was lurching slowly to it’s feet, First Second was thinking of doing something political. They wanted Tom Purcell to write a sort of humorous weekly web comic about the campaign which I would draw. So I would have to draw it FAST. Needless to say, this project never happened. But I have various preliminary drawings I did of Hillary Clinton, Obama and McCain. On the color page you can see Joe Lieberman (remember him?). I seem to remember the joke being that he wanted to be Obama’s Vise President and followed him around like a puppy. Obama was drawn with an ever present cigarette as he hadn’t “kicked” the habit yet. I was searching for the fastest way to draw this proposed strip as I think it was to be weekly.  If it happened, I can only assume this comic would have been out of date five minutes after it was published even back in that pre-Twitter era. Hillobama

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