Lazy Days of Summer

Not quite. Been busy finishing “Army of God” and soon will
be doing “something completely different” as some tall fellow once said.
Haven’t posted warm up sketches in a while so here
are some…not warm up sketches.






















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Another Sketchy water color























More of a “last sketch of the night” as I had already warmed up.
Playing with the Niji water color pens a bit more. Very quick
and messy.

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Warming up with Dr. Martin




















Been awhile since posting some warm up sketches. I did
this one yesterday with some new pens I got. Niji pens are brush
pens you can fill with water colors, or in my case Dr. Martin’s
water colors. They are great for drawing in public as you don’t
need a tray of colors and a jar of water to spill on yourself and
others. You just have to have ten or more pens of all the colors you
may need. Plus one full of clean water.
This is a drawing of a guy in an issue of National Geographic though.
Haven’t used these on the subway yet.

Not quite sure how to hold twelve pens while sketching.

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The Sketchbook Project

I’ve been involved with “The Sketchbook Project” this
past few months and have to send in my finished sketch
pad today. After that, I under stand it will go on a country
wide tour with many, many other sketch pads and I may
never see it again. Sad really.

If you checked out the link above though, you can find out
if the sketch book tour stops at a city near you and stop by
to take a look. Amid all those sketch pads you’ll never find
mine, but if you do, tell it I miss it.

I scanned a couple of favorite sketches and pasted them
below for your viewing pleasure.

















































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A Peek…

…at sketches for a project which is…not to be talked about just yet.
























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