Stag Friday!

For reasons I don’t remember, I once did some research into the mythology of the “Stag,” or the “White Stag.”  Cernunnos, for example, is the stag horned god of the Celts. Thus, when I finally got around to watching the first season of “The Leftovers,” I couldn’t help but notice all the appearances of a deer and or a Stag and it’s significance in the story. I won’t go into it here as I don’t have time, and the ten people who read this will be mad I revealed spoilers for the show. Thus, Stag images were my warm sketches this morning.  stagsflat2

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Pre Super Bowl Friday

It’s a good thing I call my Mother once in a while, as she informed me last night that this Sunday is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! In honor of that day, I spent time this morning warming up my fingers with these sketches of possible designs for something I’m working on that has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. I can tell you all about it some other time, but for now, we need to prepare for the Super Bowl! So…I’ll have to give my mom another call and see if she knows how to prepare for… that…vesssel

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Back To Work Friday (2016 edition)

Not much to post on the first “post” holiday post. This morning I’m warming up my fingers with some sketches that could be designs for something I’m working on. Or not. I can’t type much this week as I’m fairly busy, but next week I promise to tell you about the Rum cake I made for New Years. It’ll be an amazing, exciting post! Honest!

Sketching warm ups in progress: Netcon 1 flat

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“F” Is For Pirate… and Friday!

“F” is for pirate because a pirate’s reading comprehension was low. “F” is for a sketch involving pirates, who didn’t know where to go.
Without the letter “F” you can’t spell words like Yes, Maybe or foe.


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Some sort of art challenge!

I was challenged by George O’Connor to post some art everyday for 5 days. I can do that with my eyes closed. In fact, the way I draw, people often ask me if I had my eyes closed! (Insert rim shot sound) Today’s art: Something I’m working on. Some tired scary people home after a long night’s work: Troll witch

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Thrilling, Scary Thrusday

It’s Halloween.

Satan’s holiday of course.

I drew some odd characters to warm up my hands.

Because idle hands are the devil’s gym class.

Or something like that…

Happy Halloween

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Thrilling Thursday: Brooklyn Nude Figure Drawing!

I love figure drawing, but some nights…just go wrong. Perhaps it was the humidity, as it always seems to be the humidity and not the heat. I didn’t really like any one particular sketch I did at Brooklyn Nude Figure drawing. Thus, I did what an old teacher of mine always told us to do, pretend we’re making an ad for something. So I took the favorite bits of a few drawings and made this ad. It’s an ad for stripes. Or towels. Or hats. Or how NOT to design an ad, as I threw this together in about 20 minutes. But you REALLY want to go out and buy a hat now, right? Or some stripes?
Design B

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