Pen and ink warm up

I’m doing a job using pen and ink for
a magazine this week. I haven’t used pen
and ink in a while, so I did this warm up
sketch with a dip pen.
Then I stupidly started coloring it.

























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I don’t know why I tried to ape his style.
nobody can do that.
Anyway…Rest in peace.




























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Giorgio de Chirico sketch





























Myself and others in my studio have created
a “group” Sketch blog called Drawbridge. You can see my morning sketches as
well as others artists most everyday at this address:

see the other studio sketches today at:

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Lil Wayne

Blogger is Down!

Myself and the other members of Drawbridge Studios do warm up drawings every morning.
Today, Fiffe wanted to do Lil Wayne. Well, I did a sketch of him but Blogger(where our sketch blog lives) seems
to be down. And then I realized I have my own blog to post on!

Yes, I left off the tattoos because I can’t spend all day on a warm up sketch.




























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