Friday’s Closet of Misfit Gags

It’s been a while since I showed off a few of the gags from my massive pile of rejected New Yorker cartoons I have in my closet labeled “Closet of Rejected New Yorker Cartoons.” Some get resubmitted so I don’t like to show off too many, but one of them was topical and the other was offensive to Frasier fans. Thus, I think it’s safe to say the short painful lives of these gags are over. You could say they can now go back to Florida and throw away all their Paleo diet books.  Obama do



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Art Crawl Challenge Day Three! Or, you don’t really need to see this…

Challenged to show three bits of scribbling I did at some point in my life everyday for five days, I came across something I forgot. Way back when the 2008 election (seems like yesterday, eh?) was lurching slowly to it’s feet, First Second was thinking of doing something political. They wanted Tom Purcell to write a sort of humorous weekly web comic about the campaign which I would draw. So I would have to draw it FAST. Needless to say, this project never happened. But I have various preliminary drawings I did of Hillary Clinton, Obama and McCain. On the color page you can see Joe Lieberman (remember him?). I seem to remember the joke being that he wanted to be Obama’s Vise President and followed him around like a puppy. Obama was drawn with an ever present cigarette as he hadn’t “kicked” the habit yet. I was searching for the fastest way to draw this proposed strip as I think it was to be weekly.  If it happened, I can only assume this comic would have been out of date five minutes after it was published even back in that pre-Twitter era. Hillobama

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