Another Sketchy water color























More of a “last sketch of the night” as I had already warmed up.
Playing with the Niji water color pens a bit more. Very quick
and messy.

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Warming up with Dr. Martin




















Been awhile since posting some warm up sketches. I did
this one yesterday with some new pens I got. Niji pens are brush
pens you can fill with water colors, or in my case Dr. Martin’s
water colors. They are great for drawing in public as you don’t
need a tray of colors and a jar of water to spill on yourself and
others. You just have to have ten or more pens of all the colors you
may need. Plus one full of clean water.
This is a drawing of a guy in an issue of National Geographic though.
Haven’t used these on the subway yet.

Not quite sure how to hold twelve pens while sketching.

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