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MoCCA Fest 2019 April 6th and 7th

I will be there.

I will have the NEW fourth issue of my one man anthology Rabbit Who Fights along with a few copies of issues 1-3. 

I also made a mini comic, “6000 Years Ago” just for fun and
so that people have something they can buy for a  quarter!

Stickers! People seem to like stickers. So I’m testing the waters. 
I made one for kids, based on my kids work. Plus, I made one for…anyone who likes monsters and the more adult work in 
my anthology Rabbit Who Fights. 

Hope to see some of you there! Find me at table E-172 
MoCCA Arts Festival NYC’s largest indie comics and cartoon art event! April 6th from 11AM-7PM & April 7th from 11AM-6PM (636 W. 46th St.)

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MoCCA, Rabid Rabbit and me being vague

For various work, life and visiting relative reasons, my presence at
MoCCA will be iffy at best. Or I will be there all day Sunday. Not sure really.
BUT, I do have some work in the new issue of Rabid Rabbit which will premier
at MoCCA and Stumptown. The theme of this issue is “Romance” and contains
work by many talented people. You can read more about the anthology here.

And below is a peek of what I done did:





















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