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Frightening Skull Island Friday

I’ve been busy with children’s books and New Yorker cartoons of late, so it’s surprising (to me at least) that there are two comic books out this month containing stories by me.

Next week will be part one of Brooklyn Blood, by Paul Levitz and myself in Dark Horse Presents. As you can see from the small preview below, it involves skulls. It also involves Brooklyn and some blood. And a cop. Look for it in DHP issue 17 with a cover by me. The cover with a skull. Brooklynblood prev

Also, out today, I think, is issue 25 of Michel Fiffe’s unstoppable comic, “Copra.” For this anniversary issue Fiffe asked a few people such as, Benjamin Marra, Chuck Forsman, Kat Roberts, Sloane Leong, Paul Maybury and myself to contribute. I did an 8 page story you can see a small preview of below. It involves a guy with his skull breaking open. Spoilers: There will be more skulls in the story. Copra prev-1

I was as first hesitant to touch fiffe’s creations, but it turned out to be a fun project and I hope I did good! I certainly don’t want to be the “Tales of the Gold Monkey” to fiffe’s “Raiders of The Lost Ark.” Skulls!

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Copra Fan Art

As you all no doubt know, Copra has taken Europe, Korea and most of America,
by storm! If you haven’t heard, Copra is a homage, love letter, kiss-o-gram
and or any other metaphor you feel best describes the expressive cartoon
story telling that Michel Fiffe is putting out on a monthly basis all
on his own. I don’t want to step on Fiffe’s coat tails to hard, but
below is a fan sketch I did of Gracie and Dy Dy from said book. You
can also check out this sketch in the back of the current issue of
said book which is ON SALE NOW! Go get one! It kind of freaks me out.
Buy it here:
and or here:
See the cover of the current issue HERE!:



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A Wedding, Horse Flies, Savage Dragon, Hera and Feeding Ground


Thursday I write about unbelievably amazing events!
Many amazing things happened this week, and many amazing things have YET to happen as…
time is linear.

Number One: We went to a wedding in up state New York. WAY up state. A place called Ithaca. Here I am being best man as the lucky couple takes their vows. During the Ceremony I learned that the groom likes to write songs for his cats. The less said about that the better.

I used to live in Ithaca and thus knew a few people at the ceremony. Here’s Richie Sterns, a member of the world famous Horse flies 
playing music for the reception!  I’m a fan.

 I used to dance in giant mud pits to him and his band at festivals. The less said of that the better.You can check them out on this you tube link! You may see me in the audience:


Hell, buy their music! http://www.funkyside.com/store/index.cfm/category/17/the-horse-flies.cfm

Here I am talking to comic scribe, Roger Stern about how one day I will 
make the world safe for “him and his Amish brethren.”

Roger knows way too much about Weird Al.
The less said of that… Like I said, AMAZING things.

Number Two: “Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies”
Myself, Michel Fiffe, Simon Fraser
and many, MANY other artists
 worked on this book.

We all gathered to sign it last night at Jim Hanley’s Universe 
in Manhattan.
It was a mad rush! I wore my hand out signing
 so many books.
Thanks to all who came out!

Number Three: Hera! By George O’Connor! Amazing!

He’s having a release party for this, the latest of his 
Novels chronicling the Greek Gods and I may even be there. 
Details about the Bergen Street party right here:

Join us on Saturday, July 23rd as we celebrate the release of the 
latest in
George O’Connor’s inspired and awesome OLYMPIANS series,
Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory!

George will teach a kids comics-making workshop – you will learn how
create your very own Olympian! Then join us later that evening for a
release party where we will lift our glasses and congratulate
(drinks will be served – togas will be optional.)
Bergen Street Comics
470 Bergen Street
Between Flatbush and 5th Avenues
4-6pm Kids Comics Workshop
8-11pm Bachhanalia

Number Four: Last but not least, Swifty Lang, Michael Lapinski
and Chris Mangun have this little book known as “Feeding ground”
they’ve been working hard on. The latest issue is on sale this week
and has a pin up in it by me. I present it below for your viewing pleasure,
but go out and buy a copy so you 
can cut it out of your comic and pin it to inside of your closet door.

You know you want to.
Sadly, next Thursday will be unable to compare to this, a truly AMAZING Thursday, so don’t even bother coming back then sniffing around here for the same gold nuggets I blinded you with today! Not going to happen.

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