Pre-Valentine’s Day Pressure Cooker Friday

Despite the adorable GIF you see below, I don’t really care much for Valentine’s Day. It falls too close to Lincoln’s birthday and that makes me think of stove pipe hats. And that makes me think of Seaman’s Lincoln’s Birthday Sale commercials. And then of course I’m thinking about stove pipe hats again. You can see where this is going, right?

Anyway, I made my first Gif back on New Years, and found that it was a fun way to produce a quick animation. Thus, I decided to make the below GIF for one of those NPR contests. A fun contest, not one that involved thousands of dollars in prizes and or a chance to meet Leonard Lopate and accidentally call him Brian Lehrer.

I did not win this contest. Losing NPR contests is a special skill I’ve developed over the years. In fact, way back in 2007 I entered a “Thanksgiving Cartoon Contest” to be judged by Bob Mankoff. George O’Connor was one of the winners, if I remember correctly (WNYC’s web site no longer has this episode on line), but I was not even an honorable mention. Since then I have come to know and plan my secret revenge on George, but that’s another story. We won’t even go into the musical contests I’ve entered lost on Public Radio. I’m just happy this last competition has left me with a Valentine GIF that I think perfectly sums up something that I can’t, and shouldn’t put into words. Enjoy!


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Ares Bringer of War! As is his way

George O’Connor’s latest graphic novel chronicling the Greek gods is out today! Rather, it was out yesterday! It’s called Ares, Bringer of War and I’m sure you can still find a copy on the news stands and in reputable books stores near you. To celebrate this, George asked people like me (people who can manipulate a pencil and or a pen) to illustrate our interpretation of the God of war.  Check out George’s blog and illustrations by other artists HERE.  See a preview and buy it HERE. War, what is it good for? Illustrations like this I guess.  ares 5

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“Book Expo America… a semi illustrated account”

It was an honor to entertain book buyers who came from as far away as California to visit our studios in sunny Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn and see where the magic is made. First they visited the studio where Greek expert George O’Connor takes naps and draws the “Olympians.” He also showed off his upcoming Children’s book “If I Had a Raptor,” The book buyers thought his studio was TOO small.

We then visited the studio where I work and drink many cups of coffee. I showed them my next Children’s book “But!” and wowed the buyers with stories of how much rejection I’ve endured in order to make it as an author-illustrator. By wowed I mean they did the best they could to hold back tears. The book buyers thought my studio was TOO big.

Then we visited the studio of Andres Vera Martinez. In the past he’s illustrated a wonderful comic about Babe Ruth among other projects but this day showed off his latest children’s book, “Little White Duck.” The book buyers thought that Andres’ Studio was JUST rig…wait, plot twist, they thought Andres’ studio was TOO small also.

The next day I visited BEA central at The Javits Center in Manhattan which involved a pleasant visit with Holiday House, the publisher of my book, “But!” Mr. Magic School Bus himself, Bruce Degen stopped by to politely look at my book and proclaiming it a “sure fire hit,” before being dragged off to sign books elsewhere.

After wandering the Expo with no direction, I visited Tucker Stone at the Nobrow booth, and unexpectedly ran into Farel Dalrymple who showed me his great looking First Second book, The Wrenchies. Obviously it was all down hill from there but I did avoid buying a 15 dollar hot dog inside the Convention Center. Thus, happily ever after and The End!

Note: Below WAS to be a photo essay on the above events but my camera ran out of film Half way through all the BEA events, thus these are what few pictures I took, and then a few drawings which serve to accurately illustrate events I didn’t get photos of. Enjoy!

BEA post2


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George O’ Connor’s new Graphic novel, HERA: THE GODDESS AND HER GLORY is being released this week!

To celebrate, everyone is going to the wonderful Bergen Street Comics this Saturday, July 23rd for the Official Book Release Party.

There will be a workshop for kids where they’ll be making their own Olympians from 4 to 6, and then a wild Bacchanalia for the grown-ups from 8 to 11. Nectar and Ambrosia will be served.

Click HERE for more info on the event. I hope you all can make it!

Also, myself and most of Drawbridge Studios and many more will be signing
Savage Dragon funnies tonight at Hanley’s in Manhattan from 6 to 8!

And in honor of that, we at Drawbridge are drawing “Bacchanalia” sketches! Mine is below.







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Hera in a space suit























George O’Connor’s “Hera” Graphic Novel comes out on the 18th and
he wanted all of us to draw her in a space suit! Okay, I was the one
who wanted to.


Myself and others in my studio have created
a “group” Sketch blog.  You can see the above sketch as
well as other artist’s sketches  at:

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