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Frightening Skull Island Friday

I’ve been busy with children’s books and New Yorker cartoons of late, so it’s surprising (to me at least) that there are two comic books out this month containing stories by me.

Next week will be part one of Brooklyn Blood, by Paul Levitz and myself in Dark Horse Presents. As you can see from the small preview below, it involves skulls. It also involves Brooklyn and some blood. And a cop. Look for it in DHP issue 17 with a cover by me. The cover with a skull. Brooklynblood prev

Also, out today, I think, is issue 25 of Michel Fiffe’s unstoppable comic, “Copra.” For this anniversary issue Fiffe asked a few people such as, Benjamin Marra, Chuck Forsman, Kat Roberts, Sloane Leong, Paul Maybury and myself to contribute. I did an 8 page story you can see a small preview of below. It involves a guy with his skull breaking open. Spoilers: There will be more skulls in the story. Copra prev-1

I was as first hesitant to touch fiffe’s creations, but it turned out to be a fun project and I hope I did good! I certainly don’t want to be the “Tales of the Gold Monkey” to fiffe’s “Raiders of The Lost Ark.” Skulls!

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Copra Fan Art

As you all no doubt know, Copra has taken Europe, Korea and most of America,
by storm! If you haven’t heard, Copra is a homage, love letter, kiss-o-gram
and or any other metaphor you feel best describes the expressive cartoon
story telling that Michel Fiffe is putting out on a monthly basis all
on his own. I don’t want to step on Fiffe’s coat tails to hard, but
below is a fan sketch I did of Gracie and Dy Dy from said book. You
can also check out this sketch in the back of the current issue of
said book which is ON SALE NOW! Go get one! It kind of freaks me out.
Buy it here:
and or here:
See the cover of the current issue HERE!:



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