Thrilling Thursday: “Bike Dream”

Sometimes I just like to warm up my hands by drawing a completely finished comic in ink with no pencils, no erasing, no white out. I got out my ink brush pen and drew this just the way you see it here (yes, I did take a few moments to add the grey tone in photo shop). This comic is some odd dream I had a few days ago. That is all. Bike Dream

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Open Gamma in Fast Company

Fast Company Magazine! Their “top 50 most innovative companies” issue
just came out and I did an illustration for one of those “top” companies.
I can’t show you the whole thing as they of course want you to buy the
magazine so…you get this peek. I have to add, this magazine is a good read.
And I’m not just saying that.


























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Happy Automobile Breakdown

Sometimes my warm up scribbles turn
into one page comics produced in a hurry.

Which have very little plot.






























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