Press Release Friday (from my press secretary )

April 21, 2017

Humor, Horror and Age Drive Tim Hamilton to Self-Publish Comics.

Children’s book author, New Yorker cartoonist and artist behind the Eisner nominated adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is adding self-publishing to his busy schedule.

Tim Hamilton announces he will write and illustrate his own twenty four-page anthology comic titled, Rabbit Who Fights which will come out three times a year. The anthology will contain sci-fi horror inspired and informed by the current state of the world, along with humor in the form of Hamilton’s comic, Brother Sasquatch. Previously available only on-line, Brother Sasquatch’s, humor is also informed by the darker side of human nature. The book will also contain rejected New Yorker cartoons and a story called, Hospital Comics.

He will also digitally publish a monthly humorous adventure called, Red Ryder and the Big Bad Woods which will involve talking animals and the existential threat of senility and old age.

Hamilton is publishing this all through Patreon with the intent of getting his own creations into public view on his own terms. Most of these comics don’t fit easily into a marketable niche and Hamilton wanted them in print before he gets any older as self-publishing is a game for the young.

You can see previews and find out more about, Rabbit Who Fights and Red Ryder and the Big Bad Woods on Hamilton’s Patreon page at:

Read more about Tim Hamilton at


Tim Hamilton lives in Brooklyn, NY.
His clients include: The New Yorker,
The New York Times, Amazon Studios
Cicada Magazine,Dark Horse, Marvel,
DC Comics, Mad Magazine, Nickelodeon
Magazine, Dow Jones, Lifetime, ABC
Television, Holiday House, Fast Company
Magazine and PublicAffairs.

He adapted “Treasure Island”
into a graphic novel for Puffin Graphics,

In 2010 
he adapted Ray Bradbury’s
“Fahrenheit 451″ into a graphic novel for
Hill & Wang with Mr. Bradbury’s blessing.
The resulting book was nominated for an
Eisner award in the “Best Adaptation of
Another Work” category.

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Tears Are For The Weak! 2015 Year In Review!

This is my last blog post of 2015 as the holidays will envelope all of us next week! Thus I give you:

“My non sequitur end of year round up!” (AKA “Tears Are For The Weak!”)

End of Year round up part one:
Pie Crusts- A good part of my holiday will be spent making pie crusts. Pie fillings are easy (mostly), it’s the pie crust that’s hard, and I don’t bother with pre-made pie crusts. Life’s too short. I also may attempt a two layer cake (one layer banana and one layer chocolate. Or carrot banana rum cake as I’ve made some Banana rum bread recently that turned out great. Also, I will drink Rum while making crusts.

End of Year round up part two:
Pope Cartoon- It’s been a life long dream of mine to sell a cartoon involving the Pope to The New Yorker. This is the year that dream came true. #catholicschoolpaidoff  #norumwasinvolved

End of Year round up part three:
Failures (also, I lied*)- Many great things happened over the last twelve months, but I’m not going to post them here (*except for in part two where I mention the Pope Cartoon). The sketch below is from a children’s book proposal that has been rejected by about four publishers so far. That’s how it goes sometimes. It may eventually find a home, or perhaps never. Maybe it IS really that bad. It could be time to move on to the next proposal and bury this one in the back yard. From time to time I could visit it’s grave and pour some Rum on it as one tear falls cinematically from my cheek. Or not. Rum is expensive. And tears are for the weak.


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Funny Friday (Rejection is your constant friend)

Usually, on Fridays I post some sort of funny children’s book art-related sketch here, but I’m a bit busy today. Rather, here is a cartoon I drew that has been rejected by more than one possible client. Thus, If I can’t sell it, I may as well share my rejected humor with the free internet. Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s in your hands.  nevermind 1

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Thrilling Thursday (Or Throw Back Thursday)

I’ll give into the TBT craze for one week so I can show off my failed Halloween (safety tip) Children’s book pitch from Last week. Remember way back last week? It was Halloween! As you can see below, my book was going to be called: halloween after

Hilarious, right?! I was either going to call it that or “Look Witch way?” or “Being safe is all about the my ‘NEWT’ details” or “Always Ask Mummy For Help” or “Simply place the Furniture Over the Blood Stains On the Rug.” Oh well. back to the cutting board.

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The September issue of School Library Journal reviews But!

After a few summer weeks off from posting, September arrives like a monkey and finds my new book reviewed in The School Library Journal! If you don’t subscribe to that magazine (or only read it for the pictures) you can read the review below. Or not. But…you’re already here and have invested THIS much time in my blog…

BUT! Cover

HAMILTON, Tim. But! illus. by Tim Hamilton. 32p. Holiday House. 2014. RTE $16.95. ISBN 9780823430468; ebk. $16.95. ISBN 9780823432172.

K-Gr 2–By the rickety, ramshackle houses of Halibut Bay, pelicans hug themselves for warmth. Actually, so do cats, mice, and all humans, for everyone in Halibut Bay has a cold head, as hats are hard to come by. Eddie and his dog Phil have been given the unenviable task of taking care of his Aunt Sue during her recovery from a broken leg, and the two sail forth with a strong headwind into the cold, keeping an eye out for pirates. Eddie first struggles with the loss of his fishing day, then gamely attempts to complete Aunt Sue’s extensive list of chores, highlighted in a background of zany perspective and detail—from the top of three stories looking down, inside a darkened room looking out, and as viewed through curved lens. Among the items on the scrolled to-do list are the instructions to throw a birthday party for Sue’s pirate friend, Captain Rugbeard—and “get him a good present.” Eddie’s initial choice appears to be a disaster until quick thinking not only gives the Captain what he needs but also appears to be a solution for a common problem of every hatless resident. This title has much to engage readers: frequent page-ending pauses of the title conjunction “but”; humorous plot twists; quirky, cartoon characterizations; and friendly, neighborhood pirates. An entertaining addition.–Mary Elam, Learning Media Services, Plano ISD, TX


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BUT!… With One T. (Ask for it by name!)

BUT  art

BUT! My next children’s book has been released to the world (ISBN 978-0-8234-3046-8 if you needed that info). When you ask for it at book stores, be sure to use your best Katharine Hepburn accent as you say, “Yes, it’s called But!, with ONE T.” I will be that proud author who teaches very young giggling kids the difference between spelling “but” with one “T” or two.” But! has lived in my head since WAY back when Nickelodeon Magazine was around. Back then I would send one page pitches to editor Chris Duffy and he would then call me up (this was before email and texting), and ask the butler if I was available to talk to him. Ten minutes later when I got to the phone, Chris would do his best Peter Lorre impersonation and inform me that I was NOT funny. I told him that the cartoon I had submitted about two pirate birds and a birthday party was a sure hit, but he was having none of it. I told him his Peter Lorre impersonation stunk, and he has since cut me out of his Will. Well, I turned that cartoon into a rough book called “Pirate Birthday” that was rejected several places due it’s complicated sub plot involving cowboys, space men and how to kill off the adult in the story. Always have to get rid of the adult in the story. I was ready to set my rough book on fire and leave it on Chris Duffy’s door step. And ring his bell and run. After I put dog poop under it. On Christmas Eve. And Christmas morning. But then the good people at Holiday House showed a bit of interest.

“We like it,” they said cautiously. “BUT…”

“But?” I asked.

“But… it needs something.” They said with a cold stair.

And with that, one of those light bulbs went off inside my head. And then it went on again. My book was born agai…er, yet once more. A painful birth at home in one of those birthing pools. But… enough about that. If you have kids, run out and buy my book! Remember, BUT with one T! In the meantime, have a look at the cover and some inside art above and below.

BUT! Cover

BUT! page

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Thrilling CMYK Thursday (With an Elf!)

elf and cat

Usually I post something here on Thursday. ANYTHING as long as people look at it and drive up traffic on my web site so that I can get high paying advertisements and pay myself to constantly post notices about how I don’t play Candy Crush. Being that it’s summer and my heat rash is slowing down my work, I’ll just say that I’ll be taking the next month off as far as posting art goes. This frees up a lot of time for scratching and picking at my heat rash. So much time… Before I take a break though, here is proof that I’m almost done with my next book, as we are now doing the ever important CMYK tests! These test are delicate and hard to explain to you non-artist types. So just focus on the cute little elf. Yes, what would a children’s book be without an elf! Again, I’ve said too much!

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