Army of God Chapter Two

Today over at Cartoon movement you can
read Chapter Two of “Army of God” by David
Axe and myself. Below is a preview image
from the story I particularly liked.




























And here’s a preview of an up coming chapter
in thumbnail form. I mostly do thumbnails in
marker on scrap paper. This thumbnal will soon
sit in the garbage as I have rejected it and re-done
it a few times over.













In other Cartoon Movement news, Josh Neufeld has
been nominated for an Eisner in the Best Digital
Comic category for “Bahrain: Lines in Ink, Lines
in Sand.” For detail about how to vote (if you’re
in the industry), or if you just want to give it a read,
click on the link right here.

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Working on….

Working on something which I will letter with my hands rather
than with computer fonts. This is big news for about 2
people out there. You know who you are.

And no, this page is not completely lettered yet. Just that one word.















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Two Men, Three Drawings

Working on images and ink lines for that new project I can’t write about.
Spent the weekend without a pencil in my hand, now these images are exactly NOT
how they are meant to look.

The bottom one is a half step in the right direction actually.






























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I don’t have much to write about this Thursday, as I can’t yet talk about
the project I’m about to start work on. I’m very excited about it as it’s a
genre I haven’t tackled before and It’s a pretty powerful subject.
Although, doing research for it so far has been a bit depressing.

Below are sample of what the art will probably look like style wise.
I’ve done several boards of test art and like these the best.

Giant Japanese brush pens from the Japanese art store…I love you.




































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