Rabbit Who Fights

Rabbit Who Fights is a 24 page,  full color one man anthology written and illustrated by myself.  Disciples 12, the lead stories in each issue, are self contained, but all exist in the same universe.

My two sentence “elevator pitch” description of Disciples 12? : A savior-like super being  came to Earth in peace to help us, and we killed him because he was bad for business. But, he left behind a cult, some secret children and disruptions in time and space.

Each issue has humorous and or “artsy” back up comics and
is printed on quality heavy paper stock!

You can buy issues at my Gumroad site!
Sorry to say, issue 2 is sold out.

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Rabbit Who Fights issue one

See a sample page from issue one HERE.

 issue 2 sold out

You can preview issue 2 HERE.

Rabbit Who Fights issue 3


Rabbit Who Fights issue 4

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