Another Sketchy water color























More of a “last sketch of the night” as I had already warmed up.
Playing with the Niji water color pens a bit more. Very quick
and messy.

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Warming up with Dr. Martin




















Been awhile since posting some warm up sketches. I did
this one yesterday with some new pens I got. Niji pens are brush
pens you can fill with water colors, or in my case Dr. Martin’s
water colors. They are great for drawing in public as you don’t
need a tray of colors and a jar of water to spill on yourself and
others. You just have to have ten or more pens of all the colors you
may need. Plus one full of clean water.
This is a drawing of a guy in an issue of National Geographic though.
Haven’t used these on the subway yet.

Not quite sure how to hold twelve pens while sketching.

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My Teachers. Gone But Not Forgotten

It wouldn’t matter if I had never illustrated “Fahrenheit 451.” Ray Bradbury’s effect on my life would have still been immense. We read “The Sound of Thunder” in my 7th grade English class to the best of my memory, and that was the catalyst that sent me searching for more books in that vein. We had an oddball English teacher (what other kind are there?). That is to say, other kids said he was odd. Perhaps even… gay!? He had his own private library to supplement the schools (very lacking) official library.  There was something subversive about his stash of literature, and thus I borrowed more books out of his collection than I did out of the school’s. Sure I read some trash. I read a book about every Big Foot story and sighing that ever (supposedly) happened. I knew every Sasquatch theory there was when I was 12. I also took out a book by Arthur C. Clark called “Childhood’s End,” which blew my young mind. But the best book by far that I took out of that English teacher’s library was a big book of Ray Bradbury’s short stories. I don’t remember which collection it was, but that summer and that book are unforgettable to me. When it’s 94 degrees out and humid I always wonder if the murder rate is rising. When I see rubbernecks at accidents I get a chill. First because of the accident and then because of what Bradbury thought that crowd was up to. And when I see a carnival I wonder if they have a “Jar,” and how I would avoid it. But mostly, I remember that thanks to an odd ball English teacher (who also taught us how to spot continuity errors in Buster Keaston movies) and Mr. Ray Bradbury I learned to seek out books.  I learned how much I love stories.

Thank you oddball 7th grade English teacher,
 and thank you Ray Bradbury!

Tim Hamilton

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Warming up.

Warm up sketch of…guy in hat.





















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The Sketchbook Project

I’ve been involved with “The Sketchbook Project” this
past few months and have to send in my finished sketch
pad today. After that, I under stand it will go on a country
wide tour with many, many other sketch pads and I may
never see it again. Sad really.

If you checked out the link above though, you can find out
if the sketch book tour stops at a city near you and stop by
to take a look. Amid all those sketch pads you’ll never find
mine, but if you do, tell it I miss it.

I scanned a couple of favorite sketches and pasted them
below for your viewing pleasure.

















































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MoCCA, Rabid Rabbit and me being vague

For various work, life and visiting relative reasons, my presence at
MoCCA will be iffy at best. Or I will be there all day Sunday. Not sure really.
BUT, I do have some work in the new issue of Rabid Rabbit which will premier
at MoCCA and Stumptown. The theme of this issue is “Romance” and contains
work by many talented people. You can read more about the anthology here.

And below is a peek of what I done did:





















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Army of God Chapter Two

Today over at Cartoon movement you can
read Chapter Two of “Army of God” by David
Axe and myself. Below is a preview image
from the story I particularly liked.




























And here’s a preview of an up coming chapter
in thumbnail form. I mostly do thumbnails in
marker on scrap paper. This thumbnal will soon
sit in the garbage as I have rejected it and re-done
it a few times over.













In other Cartoon Movement news, Josh Neufeld has
been nominated for an Eisner in the Best Digital
Comic category for “Bahrain: Lines in Ink, Lines
in Sand.” For detail about how to vote (if you’re
in the industry), or if you just want to give it a read,
click on the link right here.

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The Society of Illustrators

I didn’t make a big announcement about this as it seems a
bit pretentious for me to have an original art show at the
Society of Illustrators. But I do.

If you’d like to see it, it’s running until April 14th and
you can find all the details by clicking on the link right here:
Tim Hamilton at the Society of Illustrators

In fact, Al Hirschfeld’s work is hanging in the upstairs
dining area next to mine. Poor Hirschfeld deserved better
than to be next to me I’m afraid, but if you stop by
make sure you give his work a look.



















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