Seddy Bimco Podcast

Social media is in disarray…thus I’m posting new episodes of the podcast I do with John Kelly (and sometimes George O’Connor) in which we look at teen movies and tv shows, here on my blog.
This week…Spider-man! (the 70’s tv show)

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My new Patreon comic. It’s been up and running for a few months now and as you probably know, you have to pay to see it. That’s the idea of Patreon. Now that the first page is six months old, I feel it’s okay to post it here for free so people can at least see what to expect from Death Life and In-Between. It’s only one page because I was thinking ahead. IF…it ever became a printed book, the first page is usually not a double page spread. The comics that come after this are all two page spreads. Thus, it’s all set up nicely for the publishers when they come knocking on my door to tell me they are not interested. 

Also, I can’t tell you what to expect from Death Life except that it will usually deal with dead people or the issues surrounding living and dying. Basically everything! It will NOT be a story that is continued from month to month. It is all related while not being related. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t know what I’m doing! 

If you are interesting in seeing more of what is posted below, feel free to join my Patreon page. If you aren’t or you can’t afford to, no problem! We’ll still be friends! Except for that one person…

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Creating My Own Anthology



Way back when I decided to make Rabbit Who Fights a printed comic with a variety of my humorous and “sci-fi” comics, I was determined to make each book self-contained and not serialized. For the most part that is still the case, but as I create what will hopefully be issue six, I’m basically writing the third part of what I thought was a stand-alone story in issue four! The stories in these issues are still stand alone with a beginning, middle and end, but the action is now snow balling and building on the events from the issue before.


I created the character Magic in issue four with no clear idea of what I would do with her after that issue ended. I actually wanted to end her story in that book, but ran out of pages. Then, Jenn and Mark had a story that needed telling in the next issue while Magic’s story steam rolled around in the back of my head. These three characters ended up hijacking my anthology. Thus, issue six will be about Jenn, Mark and perhaps…Magic? I didn’t have a choice.


Speaking of Rabbit Who Fights issue six, you can see the thumbnails for the first four pages of that issue above. I sketch most of my thumbnails using pencil and black marker, and then scan them into photoshop. At that point I can arrange them and alter the size depending on how much room is needed for word balloons. As you can also see, I roughly placed the word balloons (with miss spelling and grammatical mistakes) so I can see what works and what’s a mess. It’s always the struggle between storytelling and storytelling and better storytelling! It’s a process that can drive a person insane.


Hopefully book and comic shows will be possible next year and I can be selling issue six (and back issues) in person to some of you instead of only at my on line store! Until then, stay safe!

Thanks for stopping by!


Stay safe!


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This book doesn’t exist. During lock down I thought I’d illustrate the covers to books I’d like to read. In this book, grasshopper warriors terrorize the planet Tenar while the catch phrase “Summer is coming” is bantered about quite a bit. But seriously… creating new illustration “looks?” or “Styles” while we sit inside avoiding Covid while mumbling about the fact that “Fall is coming!” Next up? I’m not sure…but Dung Beetle is on the list for sure! 

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A rejected New Yorker cartoon from a “slightly” simpler time when we had no idea what was coming. For the record, Frasier was an okay show from the looks of the few episodes
I saw. It was not “must see tv” for me personally. During that time period I was
only interested in keeping up with The X-Files. I guess the truth could still out there
if it’s not… “fake news.” 

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Rabbit Who Fights issue 5! (but mostly…wash your hands)

Issue five of Rabbit Who Fights arrived at my house safe and sound! Full color and printed on wonderful non-shiny paper! That’s the good news. In fact, I know many of you are stuck inside waiting out the Coronavirus, so here are some of the “funny” comics from issue 5 for you to read for free! Free cartoons! Funny cartoons!!!

The bad news: Being that many people are not working due to their place of employment being shut down, and many businesses being
in jeopardy due to forced shutdowns, I feel less than enthusiastic about urging you to buy, buy, buy! People have more
important issues to deal with just now.

I planned to have this book at MoCCA, but MoCCA, as you may know, has been rescheduled at this point. Other shows are being cancelled as I type this. I usually get Rabbit Who Fights out to comic stores who carry it, but again, that is something that probably won’t be happening right away here in New York City.

So, for now, if you are working and have income, you can buy RWF issue five from my Gumroad site. I live in Brooklyn so, I can send them out if the Post Office remains open. Also, as I live in the NYC area, if you do buy it, wipe off the package, dump out the comics and then wash your hands again after that just to be safe. Who know who touched it as it traveled through the Postal system?

Thus, This has been a boring downbeat post to encourage you NOT to buy my comic! Hey, just be careful out there and wash your hands is all I’m saying. If you want Rabbit Who Fights issue five, I can mail it out. If you are out of work and having a hard time, don’t worry about it! I’ll see you all on the other side of this! 


P.S. See a preview of issue five HERE.


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I am no longer on face book (if anyone misses me). No social media is perfect, but fb was becoming particularly troubling.  Thus, I hope to be posting here more often where absolutely nobody will be seeing my ramblings!  Ha! I laugh…but that is basically true.

On to the main point of this post though! I wanted to announce and show off a preview of the 5th issue of Rabbit Who Fights! Rabbit Who Fights is my one man Anthology which is basically published once a year. This issue has a wrap around cover and TWO Disciples 12 stories along with some humorous cartoons as always.

The book is at the printer now, but will premier at MoCCA…unless  the Coronavirus blows up and causes all large gatherings to be cancelled.

If you can’t get to MoCCA, it will be on sale at various stores that I will post about at a later date. It will also be on sale (along with my other books) on my Gumroad site! 

Wash your hands, don’t touch the hand holds on the subway
and enjoy the brief preview below! See my updates
on Instagram! (owned by fb…. I know… : ( 

Wrap around cover


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Free! Totally Free comics!!

Free comics of mine in this post, that is.

Our old microwave started to turn itself on.
Yes, you’d be sitting there watching the latest amazing
prequel like…let’s say…Sheldon, because somebody has
to watch that, and the microwave would start cooking
nothing. Thankfully I was  home to unplug it, which is
what I had to do, as it would NOT stop turning on. I
never knew microwaves could, or would, do this. 

The microwave delivery people, three of them, 
took away the bad microwave. While they installed
the new one, they needed to borrow scissors and use
the bathroom. Then we talked about the plot
developments in Sheldon while I wondered
where the scissors had got to. 

Back to free comics. This page is from Issue two of
RWF, my self published comic. Issue two is sold out,
but you can get other issues HERE!   Watch
your microwaves!

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MoCCA Fest 2019 April 6th and 7th

I will be there.

I will have the NEW fourth issue of my one man anthology Rabbit Who Fights along with a few copies of issues 1-3. 

I also made a mini comic, “6000 Years Ago” just for fun and
so that people have something they can buy for a  quarter!

Stickers! People seem to like stickers. So I’m testing the waters. 
I made one for kids, based on my kids work. Plus, I made one for…anyone who likes monsters and the more adult work in 
my anthology Rabbit Who Fights. 

Hope to see some of you there! Find me at table E-172 
MoCCA Arts Festival NYC’s largest indie comics and cartoon art event! April 6th from 11AM-7PM & April 7th from 11AM-6PM (636 W. 46th St.)

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