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Thrilling Thursday: Pie, Coffee and Nathan

Worked with visiting artist¬†Nathan¬†Schreiber while we enjoyed pie and coffee at Four &Twenty Blackbirds yesterday. He worked on a book involving science, as he’s smart that way, and I worked on doodles involving monsters for what could be my next project because I’m silly that way. Then we ended up talked about how time didn’t exist before gravity existed and blew each others minds. I wish I’d taken a picture of that moment with my phone as people seem to do in this amazing future we live in, but we were caught up in the moment. Rather than a photo of that though, here’s a small bit of what I was working 1

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Tiny Elephants

Sometimes a tiny off hand sketch is everything I wanted!
This scribble is no bigger than an inch high. I blew it up after scanning.
Of course, if I redraw it for the final project it will lose all the
fun and spontaneity this image contains. What IS the final project?
A project for little children. A book Kids would read.
One of those types of books.

















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Army of God artwork I didn’t burn

As Part four of “Army of God” by David Axe and myself goes up today, I
thought I’d post some more unused art I did for the project. These illustrations
were warm ups or test art I did for A.O.G. that did not “work out.” I felt they were
a bit uneven and that I had used too much black. That’s what I seem to remember
at least. Suffice to say I wanted to toss these into the garbage,
but for some reason I didn’t.



















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