A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Creating My Own Anthology



Way back when I decided to make Rabbit Who Fights a printed comic with a variety of my humorous and “sci-fi” comics, I was determined to make each book self-contained and not serialized. For the most part that is still the case, but as I create what will hopefully be issue six, I’m basically writing the third part of what I thought was a stand-alone story in issue four! The stories in these issues are still stand alone with a beginning, middle and end, but the action is now snow balling and building on the events from the issue before.


I created the character Magic in issue four with no clear idea of what I would do with her after that issue ended. I actually wanted to end her story in that book, but ran out of pages. Then, Jenn and Mark had a story that needed telling in the next issue while Magic’s story steam rolled around in the back of my head. These three characters ended up hijacking my anthology. Thus, issue six will be about Jenn, Mark and perhaps…Magic? I didn’t have a choice.


Speaking of Rabbit Who Fights issue six, you can see the thumbnails for the first four pages of that issue above. I sketch most of my thumbnails using pencil and black marker, and then scan them into photoshop. At that point I can arrange them and alter the size depending on how much room is needed for word balloons. As you can also see, I roughly placed the word balloons (with miss spelling and grammatical mistakes) so I can see what works and what’s a mess. It’s always the struggle between storytelling and storytelling and better storytelling! It’s a process that can drive a person insane.


Hopefully book and comic shows will be possible next year and I can be selling issue six (and back issues) in person to some of you instead of only at my on line store! Until then, stay safe!

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Stay safe!


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