Pre-Valentine’s Day Pressure Cooker Friday

Despite the adorable GIF you see below, I don’t really care much for Valentine’s Day. It falls too close to Lincoln’s birthday and that makes me think of stove pipe hats. And that makes me think of Seaman’s Lincoln’s Birthday Sale commercials. And then of course I’m thinking about stove pipe hats again. You can see where this is going, right?

Anyway, I made my first Gif back on New Years, and found that it was a fun way to produce a quick animation. Thus, I decided to make the below GIF for one of those NPR contests. A fun contest, not one that involved thousands of dollars in prizes and or a chance to meet Leonard Lopate and accidentally call him Brian Lehrer.

I did not win this contest. Losing NPR contests is a special skill I’ve developed over the years. In fact, way back in 2007 I entered a “Thanksgiving Cartoon Contest” to be judged by Bob Mankoff. George O’Connor was one of the winners, if I remember correctly (WNYC’s web site no longer has this episode on line), but I was not even an honorable mention. Since then I have come to know and plan my secret revenge on George, but that’s another story. We won’t even go into the musical contests I’ve entered lost on Public Radio. I’m just happy this last competition has left me with a Valentine GIF that I think perfectly sums up something that I can’t, and shouldn’t put into words. Enjoy!


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