Art Crawl Challenge Day Three! Or, you don’t really need to see this…

Challenged to show three bits of scribbling I did at some point in my life everyday for five days, I came across something I forgot. Way back when the 2008 election (seems like yesterday, eh?) was lurching slowly to it’s feet, First Second was thinking of doing something political. They wanted Tom Purcell to write a sort of humorous weekly web comic about the campaign which I would draw. So I would have to draw it FAST. Needless to say, this project never happened. But I have various preliminary drawings I did of Hillary Clinton, Obama and McCain. On the color page you can see Joe Lieberman (remember him?). I seem to remember the joke being that he wanted to be Obama’s Vise President and followed him around like a puppy. Obama was drawn with an ever present cigarette as he hadn’t “kicked” the habit yet. I was searching for the fastest way to draw this proposed strip as I think it was to be weekly.  If it happened, I can only assume this comic would have been out of date five minutes after it was published even back in that pre-Twitter era. Hillobama

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