Thrilling Pre-Halloween Thursday

My blog has sat unused and rusty for a few weeks as I’ve traveled to Kenosha WI and gave a talk to a gaggle of plucky middle school students, drank some micro brew at Public Craft Brewing Co. (716 58th St. Kenosha, WI- Give them a visit if ever in town!), sat on a panel with the ever interesting Dennis Kitchen, and signed about 300 copies of “Fahrenheit 451 the Graphic Novel.” While I plan to write about that and arriving at the airport only to find that air traffic control was down due to a fire, today I’m getting into the Halloween mood by sharing a peek at something I’m working on. As you can see, this peek gives away nothing as to whom that skeleton is, and no I can’t tell you. Also, I can’t seem to choose a side on this Oxford comma debate.

preview 5

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