Thrilling Thursday and the Brooklyn Book Festival

I didn’t take any pictures of the beautiful day or any of the events I went to at the Brooklyn Book Fest, but I found this amazing book that I wanted to share! Amazing as it’s illustrated by Andre Francois, was originally published in 1949 and has been out of print for decades. I unfortunately don’t know much about Andre, but one look at Google and you can find a plethora of his material. He did cartoons, children’s books, design and much more. The inside flap of “Little Boy Brown” mentions that he even studied with Picasso, which is fairly apparent from his wonderful line work. A small publisher of children’s books called Enchanted Lion Books, operating out of Red Hook Brooklyn, are the people responsible for getting the book back into print. Get a copy if you can! I’ve scanned some of my favorite images from the book below. First the cover: Boy blew cover
The image below is an image of Jack Frost biting someone’s nose. Love it.Boy brown jack frost
Just one more that I liked. These old books with one or two colors used that limitation to their advantage. They would never fly today which I really think is too bad.Boy brown jhouse and car
This last image is NOT from “Boy Brown.” I found it on the internet and it’s from a book Andre did called, “The tattooed Sailor. That image forces your mind to fill in some interesting… information.Tat sailor

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