Thrilling Thursday: Now With All New Scribbles

Last week I showed those very old Superman samples I did, and this week I thought I’d show some newer work. I am just about done with my second children’s book I did this year, but I can’t show off either of those until the publication date is closer. Thus, I thought I’d show how I do thumbnails for comics (or graphic novels). These are two pages of a book I’m trying to finish in my spare time. It involves a floating elephant if you wondered. I usually draw thumbnails on typing paper with a marker. If it goes wrong I throw it away and draw it again. That’s pretty much how it works for me. Every page is sketched out at least twice, usually more so. On page two of these pages you see I left a little note of what would be said in one panel. I can’t write a “comic script” when I write the story. typing “page one, panel two etc…” breaks my concentration to such a degree it takes me out of the story that is otherwise flowing through my head. So I write it pretty much in prose first and leave some notes on the thumbnails when I draw it. The hardest part after this is stopping myself from over doing the finished art. I am always trying to capture the loose feel of the thumbnails. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. AOFE chpt 4AOFE 2

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