Thrilling Thursday: “Superman! Drawn badly”

Long ago in the early 90’s I had been drawing some books for Malibu, Dark Horse and even illustrated a Green Lantern and Justice League story here and there. I lived in Ithaca where Prolific comic book scribe, Roger Stern also lived, and in an effort to get more DC work I asked Roger if he had any unused scripts I could draw in order to create more samples for DC editors. He graciously gave me a Superman script (He was writing the book at that point if I remember) that had never been used.

You can see the results below. I  cringe looking back at my need to draw every brick, how stiff it is and the fact that Superman’s face is very…Nick Fury-ish or over wrought. I do think I had a handle on the storytelling, though. I think you get the basic idea of the action here. Superman is having some troubles with his powers and his temper. I’m not going to post the plot as Roger may one day use it and thus I don’t want to give it away to the internets. Oh, and if you wondered, I never did work on any Superman book. Enjoy! Super ManSuper Man 2Super Man 3Super Man 4Super Man 5

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