Thrilling Thursday- “The Creative Process”

People love to know about process.
Well, I was cutting up colored paper the other day because that’s what people
like me do to calm their nerves. After my nerves were calmed I made
another cup of coffee, gathered up the scraps and noticed one bit of paper
looked rather “sea serpent” like. I added some white out and colored
markers (plus a little-very little- Photoshop help) and there we have
a sea monster! A few (four-five) cups of coffee and scissors. That’s how I create.

sea monster

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2 Replies to “Thrilling Thursday- “The Creative Process””

  1. Very nice! Cool way to come up with ideas too. maybe if you cut down from 4-5 cups of coffe you wouldn’t need to de-stress so much, though.

    1. Thank you.
      I plan on doing a “sea monster” kids book, as nobody has thought of that yet! It’ll have pirates too.
      And a pigeon who wants to drive the boat.

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