Warm up with Sailor Pen

This WAS a warm up sketch, but then I started to ink it
with a Japanese “Sailor Pen.” I bought mine at Kinokuniya
in Manhattan, but you can learn more about them here:

These pens are meant for writing and NOT art but that
never stopped me before. They seem best suited for cold
press as the nib gets easily clogged with any kind of loose
fibers and or tears in the paper. If I wanted to ink with this
pen, it would be best to ink on a vellum over lay. Something
I don’t personally enjoy. Like most Japanese pens, plastic
ink cartridges are how you “re-charge” these pens. Although,
I’m sure someone has found a way to refill the plastic
cartridge D.I.Y. style.

End of pen fetish…for today.
























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