Thrilling Thursday: Oh Yeah, Fahrenheit

Ray Bradbury was in the news last week as he turned 91 on August 22. Then I see that Andrew Losowsky listed my adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 among his “Great Graphic Novel Adaptations” over at the Huffington post.  Flattered and glad to know it has some staying power.

 After finishing 451 I never sat down to read it again once it had been proof read for the final time. Once born, a piece of art or writing is something I want to send out into the world to live. It’ll get a job and prosper or disappear never to be seen again. Either way, I did my best with it but never want to see it again. I hardly ever look at it or write about it.

Mr. Bradbury’s birthday, and the Huffington Post, did reminded me of a few parts of the Fahrenheit Adaptation I put away and forgot about oh those many years ago.

 Here’s a page that was removed at the last minute.
This was to be page 136.























It depicted Montage floating down the river after escaping the robot dog and searching helicopters. He was thinking about how the moon was bright due to the sun I believe. By the time the publisher looked at the page count, and the front matter, it appeared that the book needed a page removed. The whole process of working on Fahrenheit was fairly drama free and this was not a huge deal. I had only started filling in the color for this page when it was removed from the book.

We had a lot of cover ideas.
These are three of my favorites that did not make the cut. The copy was for placement only and thus hesitated to show these for the typography alone! 
































































Till next time!

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3 Replies to “Thrilling Thursday: Oh Yeah, Fahrenheit”

  1. I really like the first cover idea, the watercolor one. Nice job.

    You really ought to do more Fahrenheit posts, you know. It’s good to let your darlings out into the world, but sometimes they can benefit from a loving push or two.

  2. Yes, I liked the top one also, but ultimately the book was not illustrated in that “water color” look so it didn’t matter.

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