9 Replies to “Catastrophe Playground”

  1. On my first look I didn’t see the SeeSaw there and didn’t get the joke. Maybe a shadow would help?
    Also you spelled Leland’s name wrong.

  2. Not getting the Leland joke, but saw the seesaw.

    Catastrophe Playground, a Playground of Catastrophes— hilarious! In fact, this whole strip made me laugh out loud. Or chuckle.

  3. VERY…very tiny in the grass I spelled out Leland’s name. I spelled it correctly but it’s so small I think Simon can’t see it.

  4. No slant towards Chris Duffy (as I know he reads this and we all get rejection letters from time to time) but this was a cartoon that Nickelodeon Magazine rejected long long ago.

    I always wondered why Chris hated me…

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