Old Exquisite Corpse

I found this odd bit of writing the other day.
I believe it is an exquisite corpse that Jean and
I wrote one day in a cafe. At any rate, it’s as
good as anything to test out my blog.I call it:


“Bob Bought a Pink Car”

Once upon a time, Bob bought a pink car.
He drove it to work everyday except Monday.
On Mondays, he took the train.
It was one way of saving money.
Then, after a long cold winter , he grew wings.
He flew and flew for days at a time.
He traveled so much that he lost sense of time and place.
He often felt out of place.
Unfortunately, he met a woman, Joan, who dealt Crack.
Soon, he and Joan had a one hundred dollar a day crack habit.
It made him and Joan forget their troubles.
It just made it all melt away.
Just like snow in May, it turned to water.
The days became shorter and shorter
until he remembered his life no more.

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