Pre Blizzard Self Promo

Part two of Brooklyn Blood, written by Paul Levitz and illustrated by myself, is out (was out) on stands yesterday in the new issue of Dark Horse Presents (Issue 18 to be exact). Cover and a peek at my interior art below. The issue also feature work by Rich Woodall, Carla Speed McNeil, Shawn Aldridge, David Chelsea, Craig Rousseau, Julius Gopez and others.   Cover by Craig Rousseau:dhpcover

Sneek peek at my bit: brooklynbloodpg14I’ve posted before about my process for working on this project and you can see that post HERE.  What we’re talking about this week is covers! Covers and blizzards! The previous issue of Dark Horse Presents featured a cover by me, but as we all know there were many other cover ideas that didn’t see the light of day. Or in my case, just ONE other cover idea. Thus, I present for you here, the unused cover (sketch) to Dark Horse Presents issue 17! Pretty exciting eh? DHPcov2

Whew! That was A LOT of excitement to take in just before a blizzard. Now, get out there and buy some milk and bread (and dog treats)!  See you next week!


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Back To Work Friday (2016 edition)

Not much to post on the first “post” holiday post. This morning I’m warming up my fingers with some sketches that could be designs for something I’m working on. Or not. I can’t type much this week as I’m fairly busy, but next week I promise to tell you about the Rum cake I made for New Years. It’ll be an amazing, exciting post! Honest!

Sketching warm ups in progress: Netcon 1 flat

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Tears Are For The Weak! 2015 Year In Review!

This is my last blog post of 2015 as the holidays will envelope all of us next week! Thus I give you:

“My non sequitur end of year round up!” (AKA “Tears Are For The Weak!”)

End of Year round up part one:
Pie Crusts- A good part of my holiday will be spent making pie crusts. Pie fillings are easy (mostly), it’s the pie crust that’s hard, and I don’t bother with pre-made pie crusts. Life’s too short. I also may attempt a two layer cake (one layer banana and one layer chocolate. Or carrot banana rum cake as I’ve made some Banana rum bread recently that turned out great. Also, I will drink Rum while making crusts.

End of Year round up part two:
Pope Cartoon- It’s been a life long dream of mine to sell a cartoon involving the Pope to The New Yorker. This is the year that dream came true. #catholicschoolpaidoff  #norumwasinvolved

End of Year round up part three:
Failures (also, I lied*)- Many great things happened over the last twelve months, but I’m not going to post them here (*except for in part two where I mention the Pope Cartoon). The sketch below is from a children’s book proposal that has been rejected by about four publishers so far. That’s how it goes sometimes. It may eventually find a home, or perhaps never. Maybe it IS really that bad. It could be time to move on to the next proposal and bury this one in the back yard. From time to time I could visit it’s grave and pour some Rum on it as one tear falls cinematically from my cheek. Or not. Rum is expensive. And tears are for the weak.


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Frightening Skull Island Friday

I’ve been busy with children’s books and New Yorker cartoons of late, so it’s surprising (to me at least) that there are two comic books out this month containing stories by me.

Next week will be part one of Brooklyn Blood, by Paul Levitz and myself in Dark Horse Presents. As you can see from the small preview below, it involves skulls. It also involves Brooklyn and some blood. And a cop. Look for it in DHP issue 17 with a cover by me. The cover with a skull. Brooklynblood prev

Also, out today, I think, is issue 25 of Michel Fiffe’s unstoppable comic, “Copra.” For this anniversary issue Fiffe asked a few people such as, Benjamin Marra, Chuck Forsman, Kat Roberts, Sloane Leong, Paul Maybury and myself to contribute. I did an 8 page story you can see a small preview of below. It involves a guy with his skull breaking open. Spoilers: There will be more skulls in the story. Copra prev-1

I was as first hesitant to touch fiffe’s creations, but it turned out to be a fun project and I hope I did good! I certainly don’t want to be the “Tales of the Gold Monkey” to fiffe’s “Raiders of The Lost Ark.” Skulls!

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I Drew Sixteen Little Witches…You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

…I drew ONE more. Thus, sixteen witches plus one.
Plus another “Poetry From Management.”
witch 6


Plus, Another Poem based on a notice from my coop:

will be simulated explosion on
private property in Brooklyn please
note there will be two fireballs during
simulated explosion stunt will happen
twice during hours of 5:30 and 8:30

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Freaky Friday (of sorts)

No not the 1976 movie starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, although I remember liking that movie when I was young. No, not the 2003 movie featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, I never did see that movie.  No, not the 1995 TV movie starring Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffmann, I didn’t even know that existed. No, not the book written by Mary Rodgers, I’ll never read that. And no, not Face Off the 1997 movie starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring that up.

No, just a freaky sketch for a future project.  Kumara


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